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Open 9am-9pm Everyday & Holidays!

City Cannabis Club

The City Cannabis Club is your community! Here, we’re not just building a club; we’re building it together.

Your membership is a passport to a vibrant community cannabis co-op. Together we are fueling live cannabis friendly events, experiences, and educational courses in a concious space of connectedness.

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive access to cannabis friendly spaces and events
  • Alcohol-free social spaces and bud bars
  • Free products monthly
  • Birthday Gift annually
  • Access to all City Cannabis Club locations 3 opening in 2024!
    1. Sullivan, Missouri – Now Open!
    2. Crystal City, Missouri – Opening Soon!
    3. Fenton, Missouri – Opening Soon!
  • Connectedness and acceptance in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment
  • Ability to rent space for private events.
  • Discounted access to City Glass Club

Activate Your Membership Today!

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