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City Cannabis Wholesale Program

We specialize in delivering federally compliant cannabis flower to retail store chains and wholesalers nationwide. Our commitment to quality and strict legal compliance ensures the best experience for everyone involved.

In the ever-expanding cannabis industry, City Distributions and City Cannabis Dispensaries stand as pillars of expertise and quality. While the legalization wave introduces this thriving sector to numerous states, our roots in the field stretch deep, boasting over five years of dedicated experience following the legal cannabis industry. We are not newcomers riding the green wave; we are, instead, seasoned navigators in this burgeoning space. Our presence is defined by an unyielding commitment to compliance. This dedication stems from our profound passion for unlocking the myriad benefits of cannabis and holistic health, making them accessible to communities across the nation. We believe in the power of cannabis to forge a healthier, happier society, and we’re devoted to leading the charge with responsibility, expertise, and innovation.

For Our Wholesale Partners: We’re your trusted source for high-quality, federally compliant cannabis flower. Partner with us for premium products, competitive pricing, and a commitment to compliance. Your success is our priority.

For Sales Partners: Join our elite sales team and be the driving force behind delivering excellence. Explore unbeatable opportunities with high-quality products that practically sell themselves. Let’s build success together.

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