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Cannabis is our Community

Our mission is to provide high-quality, federally compliant cannabis products while upholding the highest standards of service and education for our customers. We are dedicated to transparency in our operations, committed to the continual education of both our team and clients regarding responsible consumption, and steadfast in creating a positive impact in the communities we serve.

We are not just a dispensary, but a trusted and integral part of the holistic health journey for individuals nationwide.


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Federally Compliant Cannabis Products


Cannabis is the plant. It grows over 147 cannabinoids which are all the many naturally occurring variants of THC and CBD you may have heard of including THCA, CBG, CBN, THCP, DELTA8-THC, Ect.. Each of these has its own unique properties and effects.

Marijuana is a legal word used only in the Federal Controlled Substance Act, and is not a plant. The legal definition of Marijuana is ANY SUBSTANCE containing more than 0.3% DELTA9-THC by dry weight volume.

Delta9-THC products are still allowed to be sold within these guidelines which still is a significant amount. This THC is not alone like we have mentioned! There are a wide variety of different THC cannabinoids available each with their own experience. Some are as much as 33 times stronger than traditional THC.

The word MARIJUANA is used to describe a high concentration of ONLY DELTA9-THC. If a Cannabis bud or product contains more DELTA9-THC than it is allowed it becomes considered FEDERALLY ILLEGAL and controlled. That is why State voters have erected laws to allow ALL of the plant to be sold without limit in their MEDICAL PROGRAM and RECREATIONAL PROGRAM. These state programs exist because the marijuana businesses and patients are still breaking Federal Law.

Although this all might seem confusing, Cannabis was legalized Federally in 2018 which was signed into law on December 20, 2018. They use THE LEGAL WORD HEMP to define the Cannabis plant that is not barring high amounts of DELTA9-THC at harvest. THIS ALLOWS ALL CANNABIS EXTRACTS INCLUDING ALL 147 NATURALLY OCCURRING FORMS OF CBD & THC TO BE SOLD, POSSESSED, AND HANDLED WITH NO POSSESSION LIMIT, NO CARD, & NO LIMIT ON PURE EXTRACTS LIKE DABS.

Under these laws we provide Education and Cannabis to all persons of age by county (18+ or 21+). We carry everything you need to grow, harvest, and consume cannabis alongside our Dispensary selection at our Cannabis Dispensary Locations.

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Our Foundation


Exceptional Quality Guaranteed: Our cannabis flower is carefully cultivated, meticulously cared for, and renowned for its freshness and elevated THC-A levels. We take pride in delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality, providing an unmatched experience for our customers.


Strictly Compliant, Always Legal: City Distributions operates under rigorous compliance with federal regulations, as established by the 2018 Farm Bill. We also stay vigilant about state laws to ensure access in compliant markets.


Educational Excellence: At City Distributions, we believe that knowledge is power. Our commitment to education extends beyond cannabis, covering laws, health benefits, and sustainable technology. We’re here to demystify, inform, and empower our community with valuable insights and resources.

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